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My CV might be colourful, but to call myself a costume designer specialising as a stylist and illustrator for film and would be the best fit for me to identify with.

After studying Illustration in Swansea College of Art my design for film has been nurtured since gaining lots of experience in a variety of productions across South Wales in all shapes and sizes.  

After studying a Masters in Design for Performance in RWCMD I have eventually found my feet as a costume designer who loves sourcing, styling and illustration with a keen interest in the science of colour, texture and character. I take pride in accuracy and the research of time and culture, particularly in recent modern history as more stories from the late 20th Century and 2000s across the world are being told in a time where the UK regularly doubles for a locations across the globe.

Representing characters and communities accurately and keeping the personality for individuals is a goal I always like to reach.

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