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In 2021, I was approached to design the costumes for an entry to the 100 hours film race produced by TorFilms ltd with Mac Nixon and Andy Toovey at the helm.

Considering the production had a 100 hour turn around with added themes, props and directions by the competition runners, Mac and Andy had a clear vision of wanting to shoot something sci-fi and ambitious. 


Mandy Rose and Scott Britton were cast to play a scavenger and a dead body and the challenge was to create another culture from another planet with what we could find in the RWCMD costume store. 

The look we came up with also influenced the language spoken on set which I created while on set shooting with the cast leading to me becoming the dialect coach. 

One of my favourites out of the shoots I have done in the past, I am pleased to say that our film won the competition! 


Director/Producer - Mac Nixon  .  DOP/Producer -  Andy Toovey

Focus/1ST Ac - Robyn Hough 

Starring Mandy Rose . Scott Britton

Costume Designer/Dialect Coach - Aidan Biddiscombe

Score - Sion Trefor

Special thanks to Allie Edge at RWCMD and the  Toovey Family 

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