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 The Rape of Lucretia

By Benjamin Britten

Directed by Rosie Kat - Costume Design by Aidan Biddiscombe

Supervised by Michael Constantine and Patrick Conellan

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As part of my masters in Design for Performance I was assigned to design the production for Benjamin Britten's

"The Rape of Lucretia" in collaboration with directing student Rosie Kat.

One of the most challengeing productions to design for, the language we went with was a commentary on modern perceptions of storytelling from the past, bringing the opera and story to the present in the form of a case study presented to a "Jury" selected from the "audience", with the male and female chorus parts presenting the opera as laywer-like narrators.

The idea was to reflect the morbid voyeurism of the modern world and how it treats stories and their topics in the way in which we personally guess how Britten viewed it, giving the titular female character and supporting cast more voice in the story.

Marble Texture 3.jpg
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